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          The company uses in the management of a fair, equitable, transparent, democratic management and quality service which is the service spirit of our lives. Our staffs carry out "Attitude is everything," the guiding ideology seriously implement the "two attitudes: work attitude, service attitude." Study hard, hard work, exert energy, and the company with the progress of development. 

          corporate philosophy

          Company adhered to the value of the discovery, innovation Kai excellent cast Juan newspaper Quan philosophy, people-oriented, harmonious integrity, cooperation and sharing, innovation and win-win. It can provide the individuals and business a comprehensive range of high quality and great service, to achieve customers’ satisfaction, the company satisfaction, social satisfaction.








          the service concept

          Polite: Serve customers politely and warmly with smile and heart to ensure a nice and professional service as well as a feeling of home. 

          Courtesy: using polite language any time, and using body language to show respect for others,
          which it reflects the diathesis of employees and the well level of company . 

          Enthusiasm: We should always take the initiative and enthusiasm for our customers, eager for customer service; 

          Patience: Answer all questions for customers with carefully & patiently, tire of it
          Trouble, and try to solve the questions as soon as possible. 

          Friendly: Make friends with your customers and colleagues, keep smiling to greet customers, be friendly
          to get along with colleagues. 

          Thoughtful: Every employee should have a strong lead, subtle sense of service, service to customer requests
          You should be considerate for the customer and do more thing for them what you can do ,put the service consciousness on your heart. 

          Optimistic: Happiness is a source of fun, each employee should be cheerful, lively, full of mental state 

          to serve our customers and make them satisfaction. We should be activity and thoughtful to solve the questions when in trouble. 

          the management philosophy

          Rigorous, scientific, efficient, rational management system, allowing company to operate in a more standardized, become 

          Industry’s leader, with the development and advancement of steady, rapid and efficient  

          Fair, impartial, rigorous and transparent management methods can provide the staff with a happy and ideal working environment and meanwhile a stage to well perform and highly improve. 

          Unity, mutual assistance, friendship and support of the management environment for the staffs can create a good work-life 

          Environment for staffs, it help our staffs a sense of belonging and it make enterprise is burgeoning too.



          work ethic

          Nothing isn’t can be do well, but what is not done well. Attitude is everything. 

          Anyone should correct their attitude to hard work, and continuously improve their professional level, so that the normal operation of the company and to achieve the best economic and social benefits.
          subject to management: Employees should be expected obey conscientiously their superiors working arrangements and deployment, follow after the first subject
          Management principles appeal; 

          solidarity and cooperation: we insist on the spirit of "unity is strength" , we are one of staff of company and is in a big family, we should sincere cooperate with each other departments, and shouldn’t obstruct and get in the way others . 

          Strict duty: work on time, do not be late or leaving work early, not allowed absenteeism and absent without leave, strictly
          Comply with the rules and regulations; 

          Probity: Staffs should be realistic and treat of the matter as a case for study without reflection on particular person and not to deceive and hide
          And double face, so something must be reported and correct the error. 

          Diligence and duty: employees must be hard-working, diligent and efficient work spirit, recognize the work, take responsibility in work, not shirk from each other; for this job and the company's commitment
          Work and issues, to strictly fulfill to the end. 

          Secrecy: employees must keep the company's business secrets absolutely and do not believe in rumor and do not spread rumor and always protect the company's interests and image. 

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