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          Customer service

          Service philosophy

          ·To serve as the basis for quality of life, technology and development
          ·The customer first, considerate service; quality guarantee, technology leader
          ·Enterprise development, service-oriented; quality service, honesty
          ·The customer is God, the enterprise is the ones on whom our livelihood depends, the more customers, more prosperous business
          ·Do practical work, seek practice, first-class service brand, corporate image of the perfect tree
          ·High-quality service, high-tech innovation, speed development
          ·Dedication, pioneering and innovative service, look to the future
          ·Businesses and markets synchronization and management with the world
          · Intentions to innovation, competition can develop
          ·Pioneering and innovative, market-based development; quality, efficient, hard service for users
          ·Talent and technology can create the best products and services
          ·Excellent team of professional services
          ·5s service concept - smiling, speed, integrity, skill, professional 

          ·With our sincere smile of services in exchange for our customers satisfaction



          To create a brand, enhance their visibility and establish a corporate image, spirit for "all
          the pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose " ,offer the most preferential prices ,attentive
          Principle of service, the most reliable product quality "solemn promise to you:
          A commitment to product quality:
          ·Product manufacturing and testing both have quality record and testing data 

          ·Testing on product performance strictly control, the product was confirmed to be qualified and then shipped to install.
          The product price promise:
          ·In order to ensure high reliability and advanced systems, the material were Selected the brand of well quality domestic
          ·In the same competitive conditions, our company also ensure the best product performance and not change others parts, 

          On the basis of the cost of parts, we also offer the most favorable price to your party.

          The delivery commitment:
          ·The product delivery: we promise to delivery in time and we will try our best to meet customers’ requirement if you have special requirements which it be completed ahead of schedule.
          ·The following service manual will be provide for the user after shipping. 

          Technical Maintenance Manual
          Purchased parts manual and the manufacturer


          The service commitment:
           · The service aim: rapid, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

          ·The service objectives: service quality makes customer satisfaction

          ·Service efficiency: In the warranty or failure during the warranty period, our maintenance personnel will reach the scene and begin repairs within 12 hours after receiving the notice.

          Marketing services

          ·Let’s communicate to customers with rational and restrained when they get angry. 

          ·You can impress anyone without passion.
          ·To enlarge the customers’ benefits
          ·The customer is the next competitive battleground moved
          ·Are you listening to our customers voice? 
          ·Use the details to meet customers’ satisfy firstly
          ·Meet customer needs creatively
          ·Sincere customer service first 
          ·Unexpected service always makes moving moments 

          ·Your consumption = 100% of my integrity
          ·Service-oriented is our eternal theme 
          ·Clean, uniform dress, on behalf of the corporate image

          ·The customer's smile is our relentless pursuit




          Quality Commitment
          Equipment Co., strictly follow the ISO9001 quality assurance system, in full accordance with international standards for advanced design, manufacture, testing, and has always been adhering to the "quality first, service first" purpose. From contract review, procurement of raw materials always Selected strictly to finish products testing. layers record, the production quality control should be recorded and traced all aspects and not allowed the substandard parts into the next process, make sure each manufactured products is 100 percent qualified. The process of cooperation in the future, will be high quality, dedicated, thoughtful pre-sale, service will let you feel worthwhile. We promise solemnly that the products provided are qualified products.
          ·Organizational assurance measures
          The company of the project, the company deployed specialized project team composed of key personnel, the general manager of the sales department responsible for the project implementation process, all production schedules and business matters; by the technical director in charge of production technology, quality and product development issues.

          Contract Delivery assurance measures
          ·Progress Control Design: designed by using CAD technology, using computer software Selection, design drawings can be completed quickly.
          ·Production schedule control: Our company has adopted advanced production organization such as GT, ERP systems, production schedules can meet project requirements.
          ·Contract quality assurance measures
          Our company adhere to the "well-designed, rigorous production, and dedicated service to ensure quality all the time , product quality is the company's life, and the formation of a unique quality control system, including control of the production process, control and quality control of product quality entity.
          Control of the production process: Our company establish a scientific quality assurance system to ensure the quality of the production process in accordance with ISO9001 standard.
          Physical quality of the product: for the design phase, the design drawings is used the "three-tier review system" and we ask the customer to final confirmation before production to ensure that substandard design drawings are not put into production; at each step of the manufacturing process are implemented strict quality inspection system, our inspector must inspect quality testing to ensure that no defective products mixed into the next process and they are also inspect stringent the products manufactured before shipped make sure that the pass rate of products manufactured is100%.


          Service Quality: Our company has specialized service department, including engineers and senior technicians, and is equipped with special vehicles and tools, where there is a problem of service requirements, where will there be provided quality services to the scene quickly.

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