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          Development path

          Germany conducted the first industrial revolution in 1873. With the pace of the revolution, Germany entered the ranks of the advanced capitalist countries. Enjoy life is people’s eternal pursuit. In order to meet the human pursuit of decorative hardware higher, the metal craftsmen MR.Johnny founded RONESS metal workshop in Germany known as the cradle of metal craft Munich town. Then RONESS brought the quality decorative hardware to all over Europe.


          Since the date of RONESS's creation, it's unique style in a unique design , excellent product quality and good service had been win the agents, exporters and consumers' favor .As a hardware expert in high-quality - RONESS is popular in Europe and the United States and other developed countries in high-end consumers. With the development of world economic integration, as well-known hardware brands, has the responsibilities and obligations to supply the high-quality hardware brand to the global consumers.



          MR Johnny was founded the RONESS hardware workshop in Munich which

          known as in German hardware artisans the cradle of the industrial . RONESS

          only produced door hinges initially.



          Roness's business is all around in Germany since transformation of factory production.



          Roness constantly research and develop of furniture hardware and expand the business to Europe countries.



          Expand Productivity to product door lock and other door hardware products.



          Product line have expand to glass metal accessories.



          Roness cooperated with Guangdong Jinyu Industrial Co., to create a famous Chinese "Roness"



          Roness set up manufacturing base in foshan,China. covers an area of 16000 square meters.



          Roness have achieve impressive result in construction engineering market and home decoration retail

          market ,base on spirit of "European Classic,Hardware Engineering".



          Roness establish marketing center in 2013, will show to you a whole band -new image.

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