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          "Roness" is derived from the German industrial family, the family of the German nation

          adhering to the pioneering spirit of perseverance, It integrates historical precipitation

          centuries, combine arts with technology to create the "Roness" boutique hardware

          family.  2002 more to work together with China Guangdong  Industrial Co., Ltd., to create

          "Lawrence" Chinese brand myth.

          The company mainly specialized in manufacturing sanitary hardware accessories,

          hinges, door holder and door stopper, stainless steel handles, locks, decorative works supporting

          hardware and other hardware products. Its product development inspired by the elegance

          and fashion, excellent quality, novel appearance, crafted, quality products and reliable

          performance of the German manufacturing standards and international standards, to

          modern life more decorative higher level of taste. 


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          Roness Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, China of Hardware Capital reputation of Foshan City, is a set design, production, sales and service in one of the private enterprises. With development continuous of recent years, has become a professional production of luxury copper locks, hardware accessories and decorative bathroom hardware manufacturers. Our company has a strong research team and first-class production equipment, not only we can manufacture quality decorative hardware products, but also can research projects and production of special hardware products .For decorative hardware manufacturing industry in a leading position in china, is also a professional and world-renowned hardware manufacturers. All products must be tested rigorous and also approval by certification authority. Roness Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. Foshan solemn commitment: we are willing to make high compensation if our products aren’t authentic and counterfeit products. Currently, the company is committed to produce professional hardware production and Research & Development work, Select strictly the high quality raw materials, precision production equipment, professional R & D team. Foshan Roness is generous, wise symbol Bardon, products with thick, colorful and filled with solemn and elegant, customers all over the world have feel good Kobo golden and classical beauty and treasures like the delicate and elegant living. Its have been widely recognized on the market currently, the products are exported to Europe and other overseas markets, sales network in major cities in China. Welcome your visiting and guidance and business negotiation.  



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