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          Welfare treatment

          Cost subsidy, travel expenses subsidy, meal allowance, free staff dormitory



          Talent Concept

          Roness Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd. Foshan insist on people-oriented business philosophy, adhere to prospects broad for development of cohesion, motivate staff with a wonderful career goals. The talent mechanism scientific effective has established which for talented people to create a positive environment for the growth of good talent, committed to provide a stage to show their talents for every employee, meanwhile create personal development opportunities and platforms for them to get success and then achieve self-worth. 

          In employment, the Foshan Roness Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. Adhere to talent, and create ideas, is not academic but abilities, not just a re-level diploma, but performance, the ability and potential first. By establishing a fair competition and a good cultural environment, every employee are full in the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, them love their job and do their best, make sure everyone can show themselves advantages in his job. 


          Department: sales department       Position: business staff   Location:Foshang Roness business center 

          Number: 2 release date: 2017/04/18 due date: 2017/05/31



          1. Technical secondary school or above, marketing and other related majors;

          2. 1-2 years working experience in the sales industry, the results will be a priority;

          3. Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

          4. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;

          5. Responsible, able to work under pressure;

          6. Have teamwork spirit and be good at challenges.


          Working hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:30~ 12:30, 13:30~17:30


          Job responsibilities:

          1. Responsible for sales and promotion of company products;

          2. Completed department sales targets according to marketing plan;

          3. Develop new market, develop new customers, and increase product distribution;

          4. Responsible for the collection of market information and analysis of competitors;

          5. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area and completing sales tasks;


          6. Manage and maintain customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan between customers.

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